Only Two Weeks Until The End Of Our Internship

We would again like to thank Frank Potenziani and M&T Trust for the ability to experience international travel and business. This internship has been like anything we could have imagined.

Julia Freund ’20, International Business and Ethnic Studies, writes about what she does at Famous Sports.

At Famous Sports, I spend the majority of my time creating and forming layouts/graphics via Photoshop that are used for Famous Sports’ newsletters, Instagram posts, and giveaways on social media. Normally, my supervisor just gives me the products and I have to create what the graphic will look like. Being able to come up with a campaign that I know is being used by the company and being seen by their customers validates my Photoshop skills. A lot of the times being an intern, one does not get these opportunities to actually do a project and see it be used by the company, so this very exciting for me. When I am not getting photoshop assignments, I help out by taking and editing pictures for the website, putting English and Greek descriptions on their website, and write in the look books of the companies Famous Sports represents their percentage of sales compared to how much they bought. When I took pictures for Famous Sports website it involved obtaining the clothing from the store downstairs and then coming back to the office to photograph them.

Attached is an example of a graphic I made. On the left is what the final product looked like on Photoshop and on the right is how it looked when it was used for the newsletter.

Marie Lawson ’21, International Business and Marketing, speaks on what she does at Famous Sports.

This week at Famous Sports has been crucial to my understanding of the inner workings of the company. The duties of the paper filing system have been assigned to me for the remainder of the internship. What this entails is the daily collection of new paperwork, the writing of customer numbers on each of the sheets, and the numerical organization of said files. Although the paperwork is in Greek, I am able to assist with the workload of filing through the numerical decimal system they have in place at Famous Sports. Each customer is assigned a number from twenty to seventy with three to five decimal places after the initial number in order to specify the customer’s identity. Once the information on the file is complete, including name, email, and phone number, the customer is assigned a number into the company’s computer database which is then transferred onto a paper file. It did take some time to find an efficient method to filing large quantities of paper, but I have been able to complete the task with confidence after much practice. Along with my filing duties, I have become acquainted with the various product lines and retail products through the exploration of the website. I have gone through all the products one-by-one in order to check for typos in the English translation of the product title and description. As time has progressed with this internship, I have felt more and more a part of this incredible company.


Carolina Lemmen Meyer ’19, International Business and a Political Science Minor, and Caroline Murray ’21, International Business and Spanish Minor, made a video for this week's post.