Spring 2019-Fall 2019

Morning Star Finance Joint Project with Notre Dame

Finance Presentation in Chicago on April 12th

 Joint project with Notre Dame SIBC

 Morningstar is a market leader in investment research. This project takes students through valuation methods in determining buy, sell, or hold guidance on a stock and will consist of a blend of quantitative and qualitative analysis. The project will culminate in a presentation to Morningstar in Chicago. This presentation is intended for the education of students and simulates the work that Morningstar would do in creating their equity research.


TL Fab-Orange County

Students will work with TL FAB on a product and help in the marketing / website design / strategic launch areas
Market: Construction

Problem: We have developed a stair tread concept that we believe can disrupt the current marketplace. However, it means launching a new product and creating the right marketing / sales processes to ensure success.

Deliverables: We are ultimately looking for help in establishing a marketing plan. This is inclusive of the following:

1) What our online presence (website and marketing) should look like / include.
2) What our physical marketing materials should look like
3) What should our target customers be and how do we get in front of them?

Kite Global Advisors: Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society in Kyoto (Travel to Paris in Fall)

Objective: To prepare a communique to the G20 on how to unlock women’s leadership for climate solutions and drive greater gender equality by reducing the impact of climate change on women.
Research leading up to communique:
 Research on G7, G20 and other communiques and analysis of common features, e.g., length, number of recommendations, groups consulted, timing in relation to summits.

 Research on G20 Japan: changes from previous G20 summits, changes in membership, topics planned for discussion, etc.

 Research on climate discussion in Japan, e.g., thematic analysis, major

Annual Buy-Side Presentation with Notre Dame and Benedictine College SIBCs, at Notre Dame April 12 (Travel April 11-14)

 Presentation Prompt: If you were the Chinese or US delegates to the China/ US trade negotiations what would you do differently? What are the ramifications of a failure and which currencies will be affected more? How would you do things differently?  How do Fed policies tie into this? How does Brexit fit in? Does it fit in?

 Tour Notre Dame and connect with SIBC council members
 Network with business leaders and SIBC alumni
 This annual presentation is created by our SIBC benefactor Frank Potenziani

Baked Bear Marketing Strategy Project | San Diego

Company: San Diegan dessert shop franchise first opened in Pacific Bean which now has 30+ locations across the country. Customers can make customizable ice cream sandwiches with premium ice cream favors sandwiched between two homemade cookies and brownies.

Prompt: Propose new marketing strategies, with emphasis on social media, to boost sales in existing locations.



Tequila Don Javier International Market Entry Project with Benedictine SIBC | Tequila, Mexico(Travel December 2019)

Company: Family business from Tequila, Jalisco. Mexico. Produces and sells premium tequila under the JG brand.Also, exports blackberries, cranberries and avocado based products including guacamole, and avocado based salsas. Some sales already in the USA, looking to develop an integrated market entry strategy for premium tequila in the USA market.

Prompt: Propose new marketing strategies, with emphasis on social media, to boost sales in existing locations.

Global Sustainable Fashion :Animana | Buenos Aires (Travel January 2020)

Animana is a sustainable fashion business from Patagonia, Argentina created by Ashoka fellow Adriana Marina. They work with natural fibers from Andean weavers to produce high quality, timeless fashion and household items sold in their boutiques in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Paris, France.

Prompt: International Marketing and Sales Strategy. Develop a proposal to grow its global sales (e-commerce primarily) and strengthen its global brand and unique market positioning.



Tower Electric Bikes | San DIego

  • Create content for digital marketing. Testimonials. Demonstrations. Facts about ebike industry.

  • Identify business development opportunities in local San Diego-market. Identify possible partnerships with hotels, sports centers, street fairs, etc.

  • Develop gorilla-marketing tactics, create awareness in local San Diegan market for e-bikes. Demonstrations, etc.

Beachfront Venue Marketing Project San Diego

Develop a marketing strategy for a unique beachfront event space which also acts as a pop-up retail shop for Tower products. Research on trends in pop-up retail within venue spaces. Possibility of franchising later on.

Deliverables: Marketing strategy plan for San Diego, List of potential sales leads, Research on trends of new business model=new trends in pop-up retail within venue spaces