2017 - 2018 Projects


Fall 2017 - The International Political and Economic Forum (IPE)


IPE is one of SIBC's projects that was created by our benefactor M & T and every year it is held at the location of one of the three council schools. This year it was held at Notre Dame and the prompt included,

1.What will life be like for my grandchildren?

2.How and where will they live? What type of housing will they live in? How will they get to work? Will they work? What kind of diet will they have?

3. What will be their primary mode of transportation?

4. How will they do their banking?

5. What will be their lifespan?

6. How will they dress?

7. What kind of energy will they use?

8. In the environment their grandchildren will live in, how do you suppose they will invest for their future? Do you believe private equity has a place in their thinking?  What exists now do they believe will be in full bloom by this time.   

Fall 2017 - Pacifico Aquaculture


As Pacifico continues to grow their sustainable Striped Bass accounts out of LA, Boston, Miami and internationally in Canada and Japan, they are looking at Direct to Consumer food delivery space, but are concerned about waste and pricing. As Pacifico continues to grow their distribution through traditional channels--food service, regional seafood distributors--the shifting marketplace demands a direct to consumer option. What does that look like regarding seafood, premium proteins, perishables? What are the existing options to explore? An additional and important problem is packaging: how?



Fall 2017 -Vector Pharma, Mexico City


In a globalized world, the National Association for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, A.C., ANAFAM, has organized an annual event that unites international pharmaceutical companies. Its goal? To increase international commerce, encourage commercial exchange, and have access to new therapeutic options internationally. Consequently, ANAFAM has created Vector Pharma, a non-profit event that takes place every June in Mexico City. Here, the participating pharmaceutical companies can make up to 43 business meetings with the other pharmaceutical companies attending the Event. Vector Pharma has marked a great advancement in the expansion of the pharmaceutical market in America. In 2017, we gathered 110 companies from 28 countries, generating 1,750 business appointments. Vector Pharma has taken place for six consecutive years and we have already started organizing the 2018 event. Yet, Vector Pharma aspires growth. We want to reach out to more companies and more countries. Thus, I am pleased to invite this prestigious University to support this Mexican project by aiding in the amelioration of our channels of communication, so that we can effectively contact the maximum amount of companies around the world. By perfecting these channels, we can assure greater and more diverse attendance.


Spring 2018 - Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital

Austin, TX


Look at local competitors, other veterinary specialty hospitals in Austin area, to see how they are marketing to both referring veterinarians and the general public.  What can CTVSEH do to improve our marketing focusing on how we differ from them. Why should they come to us instead of them and how should we get this point across to our referring vets and the public


Spring 2018 - Annual Buy-Side Finance Forum


What is the intrinsic value of Bitcoin?

If it pertains to software and algorithms and is subject to the economic effects of same, how does it retain its value.

It appears that Bitcoin cannot retain value and it is subject to the whims of the market.

What if I use Bitcoin for the purchase of a tangible asset? Does the value of the asset fluctuate with the value of the bitcoin?

Does it follow or lead the Value of Bitcoin.

Can Bitcoin be as an exchange currency?

Can the Fed enter its realm at any time and cut it off?

Spring/Summer 2018 - Sisois Family Olive Grove, Crete


Sisois Family Olive Oil is a premium, smooth, fresh olive oil product with a limited supply (250-500 kilos annual production). It is sold in 250ml or 500 ml cans.

Develop a Direct-to-consumer marketing strategy (door to door, online, social media), and provide recommendations, for the three different markets for an annual quarterly subscription to a premium olive oil product.  Customers would purchase a 250 ml can for $30, once a quarter, on an annual basis. Market to potential client bases the premium nature of the product, which includes the born on date (freshness), premium olives, 100% olive oil, and the ability to taste the smoothness, less acidic product than a lesser grade of olive oil via a taste test. Research the total market analysis of olive oil, including America, Europe and Greece.  Also, what is the break-even point to expand production? What are the recommendations on price point, are these good market to go after? What are the costs of selling in the US and general recommendations for the different markets?

America (import tax consideration), Europe, Greece (no shipping costs)