An opporunity for International Travel in Crete (Intro)

First, SIBC would like to thank alumnus Michael Sisois '04 for the project and M&T Trust and Frank Potenziani so our members have the ability and opportunities to travel . 4 members were chosen to travel to Crete, Greece to give a marketing presentation to Sisois Family Olive Grove in Crete. The prompt for the project can be found here (at the bottom of the page). As well as giving a marketing presentation to the Sisois Family in Crete, the members were also able to travel to Athens.

The members chosen to present were Mary Pat Abruzzo, Alex Cooley, Kristen Kuang, and Addie Hardten. Each of the respective members wrote a blog post about certain aspects of Crete. They will be posted in four parts. 


Written by Addie Hardten

Last week, four students from the USD Student International Business Council (SIBC) traveled to Greece for an amazing business opportunity. These students, Mary Pat Abruzzo (So.), Alex Cooley (So.), Addie Hardten (Fr.), and Kirsten Kuang (Fr.), worked among a team of other SIBC members throughout the semester on a market analysis project for an Olive Oil company in Crete. This company produces high-quality extra-virgin olive oil; it is family owned and run, having been managed as a family hobby for several years, but is now looking to become a profitable brand. These students were all faced with the challenge to conduct a market analysis of the olive oil industry and come up with helpful proposals of key components and considerations for building this company from the ground up.

4 students from the project team, through the support of the SIBC sponsors, were able to travel all the way to beautiful Greece for their project presentation as well as a tour of the grove sights. Not only were these students able to gain valuable business experience and knowledge, but they were able to take advantage of the culture and international exposure this trip provided.

Through the SIBC and the knowledge these students have gained throughout the business school, they were able to take their learning and experience outside of USD and outside of the U.S. to an international setting in which they gained real world, valuable experience.


Pictures from the trip can be found here.