International Political and Economics Forum

Written by SIBC Council Member Savannah Sambrano:

IPE was a really rewarding experience that gave me the opportunity to learn about the council and all it has to offer. Because IPE, I was able to meet the donors, understand the mission behind SIBC, become familiar with the opportunities available because of SIBC, and network with members of the councils at the Benedictine and Notre Dame, as well as with our donors. I used this project as a chance to get integrated into interpreting prompts for analysis, collaborative research, and refining information for professional presentations. As my first project in the SIBC, these were tasks that I wasn’t too familiar with, but am now comfortable with. IPE provides the students with stimulating prompts that demand the students to think critically, while still allowing room for creativity in the presentations. The donors provide helpful advice for the members to enhance future presentations, but also encouraging feedback that allow students to recognize how their hard work has paid off. I think IPE is the perfect project for anyone looking to join SIBC to start with as it is the right balance between a professional and social networking opportunity.