Internship Opportunities in France

SIBC is a student run council focused on giving its students the opportunity to participate in international business experiences. Our slogan “Peace Through Commerce” expresses SIBC’s intent on engaging in conscientious business enterprises. As a council, we engage in project groups with both national and international companies and fund international internships. Personally, I have formed part of this council since 2015, where I have performed both as a Marketing Director and Internship Director.

It is vital to appreciate the major differences between business cultures in order to successfully engage in international affairs. For this reason, SIBC believes that a summer immersed in Paris, and its business hub, is a worthy experience for an SIBC member.

What I have realized during my time here is that an internship search is very different in France than in the U.S. In the latter, there are many resources available to students, even foreigners. There is an application process, and internship spots are mostly announced for candidates to see. In France, you must go door to door (in most cases) announcing your interest in the stage (internship). You must take your Curriculum Vitae (with your picture), a letter of motivation, and hope that you give it to the right person.

Since it is so complicated to get an internship, many students rely on agencies that help you find stages. You pay a fee, express you areas of interest, and the agency will work to find the perfect spot for you.

The council is focused on affording its students the tools to grow in an international environment. Since SIBC counts with a 1.1 million endowment, it will continue to support its deserving members, including USD, Notre Dame, and Benedictine. I encourage anyone interested in building Peace Through Commerce to join this council.


Written by Fernanda Lopez Tolsa